About Hereschiz

Hereschiz is not just a business concept developed by a design studio. For many years the company worked with clients from United Kingdom and Poland. You might have came across us before as we used names such as Hamster Design or House of Heretics,  however, after coming to Poland we decided to do a 360 rebrand.


Joanna photographed by our dear late friend, Daniel Chorup. We love you so much.

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Joanna Chomicz

Joanna Chomicz

Joanna is the creative director, maker and visionary for Hereschiz. She started designing and making garments at the age of 16 when supplies in post-communist Poland have been sparse. What was born from necessity has then turned into professional fashion design, that will soon celebrate 25 years.

Joanna is a Renaissance woman, she likes to develop new skills, broaden her horizons and work on her talents, while acquiring academic achievements. Apart from a diploma in fashion design, she has a Master of Sciences Degree in Archeology honoured by the Warsaw University and a music diploma in violin. Her past experiences and knowledge is reflected in her designs that are often inspired by musical instruments and ethnographic influences.

Not long ago, our management has been extended by Joanna’s daughter – Klara Chomicz, who works as a professional web designer and business branding specialist. It is thanks to her that the brand has gone through a design and name change.


Joanna and Klara at a fashion show in Glasgow